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  1. Interior
    Hi, I have searched high and low for my answers and found very little relating to an R56. I have just ordered a pair of standard sized (Not XL) Corbeau Clubsports and they're due for delivery Tuesday. With MITP coming up next Sunday I would like to get them in before then. Now I know the...
  2. Interior
    So fitting my new clubsport XL- came supplied with runners on side mounts. Supplied runners don't fit existing floor holes- nothing new so far. Read couple of project threads fitting same seat- 1 used omp model specific base adaptors, 1 used runners from standard seats cut slightly to fit...
  3. Interior
    Hi All, First of all I'm looking to purchase some Corbeau Clubsport seats for my R50. Has anybody fitted these? if so were they easy to fit? and do the base of the seats need drilling or welding? I dont mind if they do but I would rather speak to someone about it before I purchase. Secondly -...
1-3 of 5 Results