1. R56 JCW bumpers Front / Rear

    Hi folks, new to the forum and looking for some advice. I have a boggo standard R56 S that will be a road legal track car come next year. I much prefer the JCW front / rear bumpers so would like to add those to the car, however I can see the front is widely available online to buy but I can't...
  2. Mini Cooper S Checkmate - What to lookout for, what to buy

    MINI Chat
    I am very new to the forum, have loved Minis since I was a boy :drool:. Finally I'm in a position to buy a 2007 Cooper S Checkmate. :thumbup: On the Web I have read many negative mechanical reviews across the entire range of Minis. :sad: So MiniTorque members, what is your experience with...
  3. Nexen Tyres in 205.50.15

    Other Stuff
    These are brand new still stickered and never been mounted, 205.50.15 Nexen HD Plus Rated 'A' for wet grip and only 69db Priced at £150, located in Bridgend. You can contact me on 07530116271 or by PM on here.
  4. Tastefully Modified Mini Cooper

    MINI For Sale
    Modified Mini Cooper The time has come to sell my 2001 Mini Cooper, which has been finished off with a very few 'tasteful' modifications. I've owned the vehicle for about two months now but now it is time to part ways due to an genuine reason. Please find some more information below and don't...
  5. New Blog Post - Are you a MINI owner or MINIAC?

    MINI Chat
    I am back from my Hiatus with alot to show everyone and to continue this MINI Adventure. You will see more of me and the JCW in the coming months as I ramp up some EPIC road trips and long time modification finally gets it day. So back to normal service!!! Are you a MINI owner or MINIAC...
  6. Fitting LSD and Spotlights to My Mini - Advice please!

    Tuning Discussion
    I've just purchased a 59 reg Mini Cooper and the handling is not as great as my old Cooper S and this is somewhat disappointing! My last Mini had a LSD fitted and of course this made loads of difference so I'm thinking of getting one fitted to my current mini. I live on the Wirral so would be...
  7. Mini Cooper R50 Playmini Cat-Back Exhaust FOR SALE £200 O.N.O

    LHello, Up for sale is my Playmini Cat-Back Exhaust system which came off my 2006 Mini Cooper. The exhaust is in excellent condition, it was on the vehicle for less than 1000 miles and was just starting to get the run in properly, meaning the sound produced by the system was rather special. The...
  8. Ben's Bagged Cooper - Lower than Lewis' Standards

    The Projects
    Hey guys this is my build thread of my 2009 R56 Cooper. This is my first car and I've set out to make it look nice as there's little to nothing you can do to these engines. Mods so far: Airlift V2 w/ Airlift Performance Struts Rotiform 3 piece NUE splits 17x8 17x9 LCI Cooper S front bumper...
  9. My Project R50. From Hong Kong

    The Projects
    Hello everyone. I am an owner of cooper R50 from Hong Kong. I would like to share my happiness and some experience of modding my R50. :D This is the stock form when I buy it in 2010. Current status is :) More information about the modifications is coming :biggrin: justa cooper R50s...
  10. Hey from NI

    New to Mini Torque?
    Hey my name's Ethan. Been lurking on the forum quite a bit since I got this car. She's an 01 justa bought back in October last year and since then I've managed to spend over £800 in nothing but repairs. The car came with BBS LMS reps and since then, I have replaced the runflats with decent...
  11. air filter

    Engine & Drivetrain
    Just double checking would this fit my mini one 2005 r50 K&N AIR FILTER 33-2885 MINI MINI One 90BHP 01- 06 | eBay
  12. 2013 Mini Cooper S JCW Aero Front Bumper

    MINI Parts For Sale
    I am selling a front "JCW Aero Kit" bumper from a 2013 Mini Cooper S R56. The bumper is in good condition with only a few storage marks, no scratches or major scuffs. I bought it without realising that the 2013 one is a completely different style to my 2008 one. Price: £120 + p&p (will get a...
  13. R50 Cooper spoiler

    MINI Parts Wanted
    Anyone got one? Looking for something really cheap to shove on. Not looking for an S spoiler or an Aero spoiler. Only a One/Cooper spoiler. Black.
  14. New Member, New Cooper D, OBL3Y

    New to Mini Torque?
    Hey guys upgraded my run about to cooper r56 d after a c1 :D this is going to be a major project car and hopefully you'll see it turn into something special. Im originally from goole, near donny and beverly, would love to meet some fellow enthusiasts at a meet or just cruise List of plans...
  15. 2005 MINI One (factory Cooper spec) R50 - BIG SPEC - Heated seats etc. REDUCED!!!

    MINI For Sale
    This is my 2005 05 plate (facelift) Pure Silver/Black roof MINI One, 71000 miles. The car came out the factory looking exactly like a Cooper with Cooper bumpers w/ chrome inserts, 16" Cooper 5 spoke wheels, 'Cooper' on boot and door entry sills. Huge spec including heated seats, air con, fog...
  16. Hi ^^

    New to Mini Torque?
    Hi everyone! Im Ben, got myself a Mini Cooper S R53 in august last year, done a fair bit to it so far but still have big plans and lots to do! This is how it looked when i bought it: (sorry for rubbish pics) And heres how its currently looking: I will post up a proper build thread when i...
  17. New Member, but not new Mini Owner :)

    New to Mini Torque?
    Hey Guys, I'm new here, although I am on other Mini sites. My name is Ben and I currently own a R56 Mini Cooper S after changing out my R50 Mini Cooper. So hello everyone. Some people may know me or recognise the car :) And a little picture of my old MINI
  18. Rust proofing

    MINI Chat
    Hello there people, I would like your opinion on rust proofing a MCS 2007 I can see some rust on the wheel struts under the chassis. I was thinking of waxoyilng the car. What is your opinion on this and/or suggestions. :blink:
  19. MINI Newbie from Kent

    New to Mini Torque?
    Hi guys, Just bought a Mini Cooper S 2005 under 2 weeks ago and currently loving it! I'm not a complete newbie as my brother has the same Cooper S on a 55 plate but has modded it quite a bit! The only modding I've managed so far is number plates! Heres a couple of pictures: Sorry about...
  20. My Yellow R50 Cooper!

    The Projects
    Passed my driving test last week after only 10 days of learning, so totally new to the mini scene! Got the mini back in September and it was a pretty standard cooper, no mods etc. Had a few bits and bobs fitted, Full Aero Kit BK 18" with 205/40/18 Anti-lag exhaust from a subaru (long story...