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  1. The Projects
    Hi, Im pretty new to this mini cooper s world and forums if im being honest so apologies in advance if im after making a total mess of this. I have no real experience in them either but so far since i bought the car i cant see myself driving anything else for at least another 10 years. Anyway...
  2. The Projects
    - Hello There! i have recently just purchased my first Mini Cooper S R56 and am absolutely loving it! Mods Done and Mod's To Come: -New Tyres - (Done) -Pressed Plates - (Done) -Indicator Silver Bulbs - (Done) -JCW Stage 1 Airbox - (Done) -Exhaust - (Done) -Braided Brake Lines - (Done)...
  3. The Projects
    I Thought it was about time i started a project thread, so hear are the details of how i ended up a mini owner and what i have been doing with it. After my girl friend learned to drive we decided it was time to get a half decent car, i'd have gone for something big with a big engine, but gf was...
1-3 of 3 Results