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  1. Tuning Discussion
    Hi all, can one of the techies help me interpret in how the EGR vacuum pump work on Cooper. Does it open based on the pressure from engine as well as the oil pressure? Based on the RealOem diagrams would appear so.
  2. New to Mini Torque?
    Hey guys upgraded my run about to cooper r56 d after a c1 :D this is going to be a major project car and hopefully you'll see it turn into something special. Im originally from goole, near donny and beverly, would love to meet some fellow enthusiasts at a meet or just cruise List of plans...
  3. MINI Photobooth
    Here's our Cooper D, fitted some KW V1 coilovers the other week and just dropped on these 9x15 Schmidt TH lines. Need to get the heat gun on the arches at the weekend. Hopefully don't get too much hassle in the mean time!
1-3 of 3 Results