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  1. Engine & Drivetrain
    So this has been an ongoing problem for a fair few months now... when my R53 is idling (parked up, in traffic etc.) the coolant temp is reaching 120+ constantly. Sometimes it'll drop down to normal temps once moving, but often it'll only drop to about 115 and then rise again. Water pump has...
  2. Engine & Drivetrain
    Since I bought my R53 about six months ago, the cooling system has been nothing but a pain for me :mads: First I realised the low speed fan wasn't cutting in... tried the resistor fix to no avail but it didn't seem to be causing too many problems so I've left that alone for now. The new problem...
  3. R56 General
    Just replacing the temp sensor today and hit an issue when refitting the green clip, no I haven't lost it but magnetic wands are very useful!! The sensor doesn't sit deep enough down when the rubber washer is fitted meaning the clip won't sit over the top of the sensor and the sensor just comes...
  4. R53 General
    Hi, My car had a test done last Friday for combustion gases in the coolant. But..... Something came to mind last night which was a little weird. I've never seen a combustion leak tester before and when the mechanic showed me the results of mine last Friday, i took his word for it. The test...
1-4 of 48 Results