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  1. New to Mini Torque?
    Hi Everyone, I'm Huw, often known as Celtic on most forums for various car marques. I'm a web developer by trade and my wife Nia, absolutely loves minis. We've had a 2005 Cooper D and a 2008 Auto Cooper S convertible in the past and she really wanted another so last Friday I managed to find a...
  2. MINI Chat
    Let's see your photos! I've had plenty of funny looks transporting stuff in my Mini.... But it's more practical than most hatchbacks!!!!
  3. R53 General
    Has anyone bought one of these for their convertible? I've been having intermittent problems with my roof operation and thought this might not only cure those issues but also be a great improvement over the existing operation (eg being able to put the roof up while driving!):cools: I'm also...
  4. The Projects
    RaffaIsOnFire: R53 Cooper S Facelift powered by krumm! hi there, my name is Raffa and i'm from Germany! some of you may recognize me from motoring-underground or the german MINI-boards. decided to join you guys to keep an eye on the scene in GB! here are my MINIs! sold my R50 Cooper (...
1-4 of 79 Results