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  1. R56 General
    I'm looking at getting another Cooper-S but I'm unsure about getting a hatchback or a clubman for that extra room, the problem I had with the cooper-s was of course rear passengers and luggage, a pain now and then. Strangely the Clubman styling has grown on me and I originally didn't like them...
  2. Exterior
    I've seen a few people recently asking the difference between the Cades and Aero grille and as I currently have both sat here, I thought I'd get a couple of pictures of the two of them for comparison. Aero on the top, Cades on the bottom: :thumbup:
  3. The Projects
    Thought it would be about time that I started a project thread, and put up a couple of pics, so here goes... After months and months of searching for a DS / B MCS, with climate control air con, MFSW, trip computer, cruise control, half leather interior and s-spokes (eek!), I eventually found...
1-4 of 23 Results