1. Considering an R53 - Need Help -

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    Hi all, this is my first post on this site so i'd just like to say alo. Currently driving a Mini One, 55 Plate and wanting something with a bit more "umph" and a bit of a project. Currently 18 years of age and i am very interested in the thought of me driving about in a Mini Cooper S R53. The...
  2. Cooper S R53 front bumper on a Cooper R50

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    Do you think Cooper S front bumper will look good on a Cooper R50 (2005)? I'm planning on buying one from a car breaker, not sure if I should have it repainted since my Cooper is blue/purple and the Cooper S bumper is grey, would you guys think it will look strange with it being multi coloured...
  3. Wheel Colour - Pics Needed!

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    Recently, there has been many people posting threads and replies about needing help with wheel colour, not all of us have the inspiration of others to find that special set of wheels with a colour to match what you are looking for. To stop lots of these useless thread from being created, we...
  4. My R56 cooper BOB

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    Hello everyone, I havent posted most on MT, but thought i wud start lol First day i bought it :D then came the jcw strut brace, thanks to Rich custom induction, painted heat shield then painted headlight and rear rings, and callipers then sum 17" thanks to Randell and the vinyls...
  5. CooperWorks Mini

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  6. R56 Challenge Parts (Replica)

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    These aren't mine, I've just spotted them on ebay and thought I'd post: R56 Challenge Spoiler - BMW MINI COOPER S R56 CHALLENGE ROOF SPOILER on eBay (end time 17-Jan-10 10:10:51 GMT) R56 Challenge Body Kit - BMW MINI COOPER S R56 CHALLENGE STYLE BODY KIT on eBay (end time 04-Jan-10 13:26:20...
  7. in past was Chilli Red.. now Snow White Project

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    12 March 2009 Getting Low..
  8. De-chroming and going black- how to?

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    Anybody got the method for removing the chrome please. I want to do my F AND R lights . I know about the heat gun bit .
  9. I thought my car was not that quick until....

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    Real world performance scenario. You are driving along at an unspecified speed when a 'superior' * car ahead boots it, you boot it too just to see the real world performance of your car. ** Example 1: BMW 335i - evenly matched from 30 - 70 (motorway) Example 2: Audi B5 S4 - previous generation...
  10. Pobsey's ongoing project and random housing market talk from page 37

    The Projects
    Pobsey's ongoing project - actually doing stuff this year! My 2003 Cooper S, ordered in September 2003 and collected 10th December the same year, went to order a Red/White R50 and a cheeky test drive later I was making a call to insurers to see if they would cover me on a R53 due to the Mini...