1. OIl top up again

    F56 General
    Hi Has anyone else's cooper s needed a top up of oil more than just at the services? I have had it before and its back again just before the service is due, but i don't want to wait until the service as its about another month away. also which oil's have you used to top up your car, mini or...
  2. rear break pads

    Suspension, Wheels & Brakes
    Hey folks Got a lovely warning message over the weekend that said that i need new rear break pads for my clubman cooper s all4. Before i call the local dealer i was just wondering what others have been charged fro getting them replaced by their local dealer. Cheers Ally
  3. New Blog Post - The Digital Divide: MINI VISION GT REVIEW

    MINI Chat
    MINI Vision GT is a sneek peak at forthcoming JCW Clubman Here is my digital review of the JCW Clubman in Gran Turismo 6 on the PlayStation 3 The Digital Divide: MINI VISION GT Review | JCW Adventures
  4. Fully loaded 2010 fJCW Clubman with 7 months warranty, new turbo, TCT, clutch, etc

    MINI For Sale
    Thread now closed. Admins please delete if necessary.
  5. Clubman driving experience vs hatchback

    R56 General
    I'm looking at getting another Cooper-S but I'm unsure about getting a hatchback or a clubman for that extra room, the problem I had with the cooper-s was of course rear passengers and luggage, a pain now and then. Strangely the Clubman styling has grown on me and I originally didn't like them...
  6. New guy from Notts - Chili Red Clubman Cooper D

    New to Mini Torque?
    Hi all ! New to the forums, I've been looking around a bit getting some ideas so I thought I'd introduce myself and my car :). I've just turned 19 and got a decent pay rise/bonus at work for my first year so I decided I'd ditch the MK4 1.6 Golf SE I was driving and treat myself to a proper...
  7. New Clubman :)

    Engine & Drivetrain
    hi guys been out the loop for a while. i have a 07 clubbie and am looking to spend some time on it. i would like to gain bhp and noise. i was knowledgeable on the supercharged minis. but have no clue where to start with the turbos. any help would be great cheers Adam
  8. Air Bag Suspension

    MINI Chat
    Hi all, there are a lot of people loving lows on this site, and I wondered if anyone had done/considered fitting air bag suspension to a MINI in the UK?