1. 5x King Apparel Snapback Caps

    Other Stuff
    Here are my collection of King Apparel Starter Snapback caps. They're up for sale as they've never been worn, and were bought back in Summer 2012 and have been sat in my wardrobe since purchase. I was going to hang them from my walls with the rest of my caps, but plans changed a while back and...
  2. ***BRAND NEW*** R53 Cooper S Fuel Cap & Surround, Bracket (2001-2006) Electric Blue

    MINI Parts For Sale
    ***BRAND NEW*** R53 Cooper S Fuel Cap & Surround, Bracket (2001-2006) Electric Blue This will fit all R53 (Cooper S) MINIs and can be fitted to all R50 MINIs as a popular, fairly straight forward upgrade to your R50 (One, Cooper). It is compatible with a MINI One, Cooper, Cooper S, JCW and GP...
  3. Cooper S fuel cap kit

    MINI Parts For Sale
    I have my cooper S fuel cap kit for sale, it's painted in chilli red at present but needs a respray. The kit consists of all 3 items ready to bolt onto your car and not just the cap itself. If you want i can prep and primer it ready for you to paint too. £60
  4. For Sale: R56 moulded comfort access door handles and petrol cap [flat black]

    MINI Parts For Sale
    Hi Guys. :) I have for sale a pair of moulded covers for the comfort access door handles & a moulded cover for the Cooper S fuel filler cap. These are made by Aesthetic Creations in the USA. They are finished in a flat black. I've been waiting for these to arrive from the USA for quite a...
  5. De-chroming and going black- how to?

    How To Guides
    Anybody got the method for removing the chrome please. I want to do my F AND R lights . I know about the heat gun bit .
  6. R53 Cooper S, forever changing

    The Projects
    Hi guys, I thought I would post a thread of the story of my car. I purchased the vehicle brand new back in 2003 for fun run around town. It was a dead stock Cooper S. This is what it looked like back then. After having the car for 2 odd years, I started to get bored and wanted to change...