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  1. Engine & Drivetrain
    R53 Cam & Injector & Tune Combos I've noticed there's a lot "Don't do this, you have to do it this way" etc on here. But there's not a lot of supporting evidence. So, don't confuse this with an advice thread, keep your opinions to yourself. I want to know what people have slapped onto...
  2. R53 General
    Guys I need some advice please Ive got a: -15% pulley - milltek manifold with decat - jcw exhaust with res delete - Alta intake - Airtec - Kent fast road cam - jcw 380 injectors - jcw head And im making 241bhp on the dyno at around 7k revs….ill soon be installing a 1320 catcam and 550cc...
  3. Engine & Drivetrain
    I'm looking to upgrade my cam, i live in the city so midrange torque is what i am after. I would like to do it without a custom tune, i plan a jcw with 380 inj. i was looking at the NS1 and then stumbled upon the catcam 1302461. A vendor here in the US indicates it is a 15-20hp mid-range gain...
  4. Faults & Fixes
    Noticed the car rattling a bit last weekend, had to happen while in the UK and 120miles from parents on way back to the port!! :cursing: Made it to a dealer in Kent on Monday before they shut as we were due to overnight there at the TLodge before the ferry and was told immediately it was most...
  5. MINI Parts For Sale
    Anyone want to buy my left over camshaft done around 28,000 miles £60 collect or post
  6. Engine & Drivetrain
    Quick questions, anyonw know the pitch of the cylinder head bolts and the length of the cam sproket bolt? Cheers, Michael
1-6 of 279 Results