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  1. R53 General
    Lads, 2 questions 1) I've got a 1320 catcam (the 469 version) and 550 injectors waiting to be fitted. Does anyone know if i can get these fitted at my mechanic and then drive the car to my tuner to get the custom map done (15 mins away)? Will the car be driveable? Or will it keep stalling...
  2. R53 General
    Hey Guys….looking for some advice/opinions So ive got an R53 JCW as my weekend/track toy with several mods (cam, pulley, header, ic, brakes, coils, etc) and am looking to get a bvh to get abit more out of it. Being a MINI lover….Ive also got an R56 Cooper (Non S) as my daily driver which ive...
1-2 of 15 Results