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  1. New to Mini Torque?
    Hi, I recently bought an 04 Mini Cooper S for my first car. I'm not very educated on this car and would like to hear any info/problems/ project ideas etc that you may have. I already understand gearboxes are a common issue on this vehicle, I replaced mine last week after it went on me, 2 days...
  2. MINI Parts Wanted
    As title says, looking for R53 bumpers and skirts. I'd also be interested in Aero bumpers and skirts. Particularly the front bumper and skirts. My car is Pure Silver, ideally looking for something that wouldn't need respraying although I'd consider other colours if the price was good enougha dn...
  3. How To Guides
    As above: I have an R50 with a standard bumper. Bought the lower grille pre-modified to fit straight in Cheers guys
1-3 of 77 Results