1. R56 JCW bumpers Front / Rear

    Hi folks, new to the forum and looking for some advice. I have a boggo standard R56 S that will be a road legal track car come next year. I much prefer the JCW front / rear bumpers so would like to add those to the car, however I can see the front is widely available online to buy but I can't...
  2. disk brake air vents on a 2008 R56S

    Is it possible -without replacing the whole bumper of a 2008 R56S- to fit those "disk brake air vents" that cool the brakes of the latest R56S?
  3. Front bumper trimming scrape

    Bottom lip of the front bumper trim is scraping, anybody cut it or trimmed it down ?
  4. Part out (Mostly OEM) JCW carbon, Pure silver aero bumper, skirts, R53, spoilers

    MINI Parts For Sale
    Pure Silver R50/R52/R53 Aero skirts - Good condition - £200 SOLD Pure Silver R50/R52/R53 Aero front bumper - Great condition (resprayed recently) - £200 SOLD Pure Silver colour coded bonnet Aero grille, all clips intact (with original BMW packaging) - £35 SOLD R50 K&N Typhoon air filter...
  5. HELP! or suggestions

    MINI Chat
    Hi mini lovers I have just joined this forum, and seeking for advice. My front bumper doesn't line up properly (a bigger gap between the bonnets arch and bumpers arch), any suggestions of how to fix this? it is bugging the hell out of me mini one r50 2005, What is the best way to access the...
  6. SWAP - Cades replica grille for Aero grille

    I have the Cades Aero replica grilles but since buying my new Aero bumper with Aero grilles already fitted, the cades bonnet grille has made me realise I have a terrible case of OCD, as the honeycomb is slightly bigger than the bumper Aero grille which is slowly killing me ::getcoat:: Also it's...
  7. R53 S or Aero skirts, Aero front bumper & S or Aero R50 rear bumper.

    MINI Parts Wanted
    Looking to upgrade my R50 side skirts to either S skirts or Aero skirts. (If Aero skirts, my car is Pure Silver so that would be great, I would however consider other colours to get sprayed if the price was good enough). Also on the lookout for a front aero bumper, again preferably Pure Silver...
  8. Challenge Rear Diffusers FOR SALE

    MINI Parts For Sale
    I have a pair of Challenge diffusers from Coastal Racing. I'm selling these as I have no use for them. I bought them planning to fit them but decided the money was more important :( They're not brand new but in fantastic condition and will look pretty much brand new when fitted. Mounting...
  9. Anyone have a quick guide to fit aero grilles without taking off bumpers etc

    How To Guides
    As above: I have an R50 with a standard bumper. Bought the lower grille pre-modified to fit straight in Cheers guys
  10. my new improved project thread.

    The Projects
    Ad's project thread. Right thought id start a project thread (finally). so here is my car as i picked it up in sept 2010. It was compleatly standard with 54,000 miles chilli pack and full black leather interior with brushed dash and 3 spoke steering wheel, oh and shitty s-spokes and massive...
  11. Tow Eye Thread Pitch

    Strange request really :laugh:, Anyone able to tell me the size of the tow eye thread. Looking for a bolt to fit but struggling to find something suitable :blink:
  12. My R56 Cooper

    The Projects
    When i got it it was standard as anything. No options, not even pepper pack! since then she has had a lot of different looks! i dont have a pic of when i first got her...but here is one of how she was... but she had the standard 15" rims and no stripes or xenons! first thing (regretably)...
  13. Buddy

    The Projects
    just thought i would post this up. I am currently working on some exterior modding, and have some new wheels on the way. but ill post this for now. my mods list Handling: Bilstein PSS9's (-2.3) Skunk 2 front springs I.E. race camber plates I.E. rear control arms (-1.7) M7 strut bar Alta...
  14. Mini Transformer

    The Projects
    Well think its about time i started one of these seeing as ive got alot of things to start going on my car in the next few months :thumbup1: Ok im ganna be honest never used to like the mini when it was time to get my first car the mini was the last thing on my mind i was actually looking for...
  15. Just fitted aerokit rear bumper a few questions?

    I have just fitted my aerokit rear bumper but i have a few questions to ask: 1, The bumper seems to be just touching the exhausts, i am running a miltek system. Has anyone had this problem? 2, The bottom of the bumper seems to flex alot as the bottom lower mount is not used by the aero...