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  1. The Projects
    Hi Guys! So after reading hundreds of build threads on here I thought that it was time to create my own! There aren't many R50's on here, which is a shame, but the ones that are done on here (along with the R53's) are bloody lush. Enough waffling on let's talk about the car! Below is my Mini...
  2. The Projects
    Hi, for those that don't know, I'm building a race car. I am currently assembling kit to put on the car and have already had a lot of deliveries from Orranje (thanks Rich), JJC Race and Rally, Demon Tweeks, TFS Motorsport, GSM Motorsport and so on and so on... The aim is to get to 200 or...
  3. The Projects
    I thought I'd start this thread to begin documenting the progress of my conversion from One to S. I've owned my car over 4 years now, and the time has come to up the ante and start making it in to the car I've always wanted. As most of you know, I've already yapped on about this long enough...
1-3 of 106 Results