1. Suspension, Wheels & Brakes
    Has anyone fit 17x8j wheels with 225/45 tires? What offset were the wheels and does a BBK fit under them? I'm looking at getting Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 17x8j with 225/45 tires and a yellow speed racing 4 pot BBK with 330mmx28mm rotors.
  2. Suspension, Wheels & Brakes
    So today I had my callipers painted ?? They look smoking hot! Thought I'd show them off! (Sorry about the disgustingly dirty wheels I'm not allowed to wash it until tomorrow in order for my paint to dry on the bumper repair I had on Friday.)
  3. MINI Parts For Sale
    I have a Stop Tech kit for sale. Has been on an R53 Never driven winter time 2x ST40 Callipers with brackets 2x 320mm full floating rotors 2x Sets of pads (Hawk and StopTech) 2x Braided hoses 2x Spacers 800£, ono [email protected] +46 733-361959 /Michael
  4. The Projects
    Finally got round to getting a project thread for my car, here's the starting spec: Stock Sept 2003 Cooper S 37,800 miles. - Black II with white roof, mirror caps, bonnet stripes and white S-Spokes. - Runflats :thumbdown: - Front Spots - Body coloured front grille slats + Boot handle -...
  5. Faults & Fixes
    Hi guys.. For a while now ive had a knocking noise from the front lower right of the car.. ive inpsected and changed a fair bit to try and solve this ive had a mate at MINI look at this and still cannot solve it ive give up buying parts as ive spent a fair bit.. It only occurs when i have it...
  6. R56 General
    The service light for a brake pad change has come on. I have a r56 cooper s which is standard at the moment. What are the options? Was looking at the mintex 1144 pads. Also do i need to change the brake sensors? thanks
  7. The Projects
    When i got it it was standard as anything. No options, not even pepper pack! since then she has had a lot of different looks! i dont have a pic of when i first got her...but here is one of how she was... but she had the standard 15" rims and no stripes or xenons! first thing (regretably)...
  8. MINI Chat
    Real world performance scenario. You are driving along at an unspecified speed when a 'superior' * car ahead boots it, you boot it too just to see the real world performance of your car. ** Example 1: BMW 335i - evenly matched from 30 - 70 (motorway) Example 2: Audi B5 S4 - previous generation...