1. MINI Free Zone
    A close friend of mine owns a bmw 3.18 SE compact 2003 model. He got the car about a year ago only to find out a few months later that it needs a new timing chain. He has been quoted about £700 to fix it. Although, his wondering if it is worth it or he will better off selling it as is and ending...
  2. How To Guides
    Right I know Jayxx83 has done this And with a few texts I understand it's not a difficult mod to do and costing £20 from BMW seems good value, but has anyone else do this and can they do a step by step guide
  3. R53 General
    Sorry for probably a stupid question, but as I am new to this, thought I would ask! Janspeed Mani & Decat - BMW MINI MANIFOLD & DE CAT MINI COOPER S JANSPEED SM901 on eBay (end time 30-Jan-11 08:07:20 GMT) USED IN CONJUNCTION WITH -...
  4. MINI Parts For Sale
  5. MINI Motorsport
    Have just received news from our Japanese dealer that a car running our software came 2nd at the Fuji Speedway track in BMW MINI Trophy series run by ETCC - Japan. Engine wise the car is running: evolve ECU remap Akrapovic Downpipe with Sport Cat Forge FMIC Exhaust Intake I will get more...
  6. The Projects
    Thought I'd put up a picture or two of my car. It's a 2002 R53, with only 34,000 on the clock. Half leather, multi-function steering wheel, cruise control, climate control, tape player! However there is a 6 disc changer in the boot, chilli pack. I'd say it's pretty well specced. Most...
  7. The Projects
    Right, thought it was about time that I drafted a 'project' thread and I properly wanted to introduce myself and my MCS to those of you who I haven't met yet! I can't actually comprehend the amount of money I've spent in the last 21 months of ownership... so maybe this will thread will help...
  8. Faults & Fixes
    Once my mcs is warm when u rev it or blip the throttle when ur stationary once the revs come down it makes a funny horn sort of noise can anyone help?