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  1. MINI Parts For Sale
    Black Pro Alloy intercooler in good condition. The holes where it mounts to the manifold are slightly worn due to a previous owner not using washers. I used washers and a bit of gasket sealant as is recommended and it sealed fine. One of the bypass valve threads isn’t great as has been over...
    £319 GBP
  2. MiniTorque Threads
    Decided to move and spray the rear JCW badge for a laugh, results as shown. I also sprayed the chromed JCW scuttes too, but didn't bother fitting them as I have the blackline scuttles fitted which I like. Steps involved: 1 - Removed rear badge from boot using dental floss to cut through...
  3. MINI Parts For Sale
    R56 Evolve IC compatible with both pre / post LCI models. Originally bought with 3000 miles use and sprayed black by previous owner. Never got round to completing install and other circumstances mean I don't have time at home now. WHY OH WHY will none of the MINI specialists open on Saturday...
  4. MINI Parts For Sale
    Hi all I currently have an Airtec Top mount intercooler in Stealth black (no logos) in nearly new condition that I'm selling for my friend. The intercooler has had only a month of use and is in great condition. Slight wear on the rubber but it is expected. The intercooler comes with blue...
  5. MINI Parts For Sale
    31/10/14 - NOW SOLD and awaiting pickup - thanks for your interest! 2013 manufactured genuine R56 black bi-xenons including xenon bulbs, silvervision indicators, and ballasts. Compatible with any R56 car with factory xenons (LCI or pre-LCI) as the ballasts are included. All mounts intact (one...
  6. MINI Chat
    Will painting your intercooler black make you go faster? WATCH :) Mighty car mods. Black Intercoolers Mythbusted - YouTube These guys are awesome a must youtube follow.
  7. New to Mini Torque?
    My name is Tom and I am 19 and looking for my first Mini Cooper S. Ideally a Gen 1 (54 to 56 plate) in either dark silver or black. Looking for something which is as standard or has very few mods due to the insurance costs and I want to start from scratch. Willing to pay anything up to the...
1-7 of 500 Results