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  1. The Projects
    Hey,haven't been on here too long but thought I would share my cooper s with you all . Had the car since April after I had to return my 11 plate twincharged fabia vrs due to engine and electrical problems :( I used to work for BMW /mini up until 2010 and always wanted a cooper s ,put a deposit...
  2. The Projects
    This is my slowly evolving 2006 R53 JCW, a.k.a the alcohol problem, running on E85... ethanol, one of the oldest recreational drugs known to man, now at your local gas station (y) I bought the car from Germany in December 2012 and had already bought the first mod (cabrio braces) before the car...
  3. The Projects
    Hi All.. I've been a silent member of this forum for quite some time now, I enjoy reading through all the various threads and learning how to get the most out of my MCS. I've only been driving for 2.5 years now so am still very wet behind the ears but after driving an Audi A2 1.4 TDi for a year...
1-3 of 10 Results