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  1. New to Mini Torque?
    Hi all, I have recently purchased a 2007 Mini Cooper S (With JCW Pack). I am led to believe that the official JCW Mini was only released, as far as the V5 goes, in 2008. I believe that my Mini had a dealer JCW pack as an optional extra. It has a lot of JCW quirks with regards to stickers and...
  2. R53 General
    Hey guys, I've got a few things done over the past year: Milltek non-res 17% pulley Stealth CAI Airtec TMIC Now looking towards the next performance upgrades: remaps, injectors, cam, etc. I've done some reading, but my knowledge isn't great. I get the feeling a remap would provide the...
  3. MINI For Sale
    240BHP R53 Cooper S 2300 I have for sale my electric blue cooper s ready to be driven away Standard Info: -Electric blue r53 -2keys -101k miles -double panoramic sun roof -climate control -6k standard HID head lights -4x aftermarket full beam driving lamps -radio control steering wheel...
  4. Tuning Discussion
    Hi Guys.. First post so go easy, I have had a lot of great information form the site which has spurred me into getting a JCW Mini R58, since I bought it I have now got 7000 miles on her and had the Forge FMIC fitted, Forge BOV fitted, Sport De cat Fitted and aFe Dry Filter . I then decided...
  5. Faults & Fixes
    I thought I started a thread on the reliability of the R56 but cannot find it (mod feel free to merge if you do find it) - basically I was wanting an update from you guys who have been running them for a few years now or who have bought older cars... In short: How are they coping ? What...
1-5 of 467 Results