1. R53 with R53 problems

    Faults & Fixes
    Hello folks, I’m facing a problem I been working on for some times now (around 2-3 mouths) but I can’t figure out how to solve it. And it’s getting to the point where I’m about to throw the car out of a cliff :D Ok, let’s me explain now. I have a R53 facelift from 2005, I bought last year. As...
  2. Alta Intake

    R53 General
    So Ive been getting a lot of hate for my Alta intake….by no means do I love the Alta and would be willing to swap for say a Dave F. But so far no ones given me any reason why i should do so. Ive taken a good look at it and also spoken to my tuner about it and neither of us can see any issues...
  3. Alta-Billett big turbo for r56 S 1140gbp

    MINI Parts For Sale
    Big turbo kit for r56 S mini. Used only for 2000km before the customer change the car. This has the benefits of the stock turbo in that it bolts on with no additional parts or modifications to parts. It makes more HP than the JCW turbo (roughly 15% more), the responsiveness is very similar to...
  4. Mini Cooper S Alta Intercooler Coupler Kit - All Colours Available

    MINI Parts For Sale
  5. 17% SC pulley and a 3% crank pulley with a new Alternator pulley ?

    Engine & Drivetrain
    Hi i have already bought a 17% Alta supercharger pulley but i havent fitted it yet as i am planning to remove my engine at christmas to make the job easier. Was just wondering what peoples opions were with running a ALta 3 % crank pulley and the Alta alternatorpulley with a Gates belt. I am also...
  6. OldBrokenWind's Thumper head, GT28RS, & Alta "stuff"

    The Projects
    The following attachment is a 4-page pdf diary or log of what I've done to my R56. it's still a work in progress, but most of the planned upgrades are installed. I'll update it as milestones are reached. Hope it's useful to other newbies.
  7. Dave F Fitting

    R53 General
    Shall be fitting a Dave F this weekend (yes replacing the Alta:cursing:) Quick question, I take it I will have to refit the plastics engine bay/bulkhead divider, but will i have to cut a hole in it to provide direct flow into the back of the Dave F or does the OE hole do the job?
  8. DavidRodrigues Cooper S+

    The Projects
    From daily to track toy - PROJ3CT R53 Hi, my name is David and this is my MINI R53 :) First Track day PART LIST: Brakes: EBC Greenstuff Front Motul RBF 600 Goodridge Braided Hose Kit EBC Front Brake Discs Drilled and Grooved Engine: FMIC Airtec Alta Intercooler Couplers Alta Supercharger...
  9. Ryan's JCW 'The Meat Train'

    The Projects
    Hello folks. In 2007 I turned 17 and had my hopes up on getting a Mini for a couple years prior. Once the appropriate funds were I picked up a 2002 Mini ONE in Pure Silver. It ended up looking like this.. After 2 years of ownership It became evident it was a Friday afternoon build. In the 2...
  10. James' R56 S (Chocolate Belgian Waffle)

    The Projects
    So after 6ish months of problems the GP has gone back to Rybrook Stratford after a very good px offer. Picked up a black R56 S with Aero Kit and a few nice options. It’s very different to drive as it doesn’t feel as urgent as the R53 which I miss but the R56 isn’t awful and does good MPG's...
  11. Ballsac Blue Curbcrawler Waffle Toilet

    The Projects
    Hi all thought might as well start project thread as got bit carried away buying things for the car. So bought the car about a month ago with below mods on it: 15% Alta reduced pulley and belt JCW catback Kw Variant 1 Jcw aero kit M7 Induction kit pics of the car when i got it...
  12. Matts - project (Keano's Protégées) Wheel Gap and Faffing Aplenty

    The Projects
    right thought id start a new fresh thread as the last one was shit, due to a new jobb (manager in selfridges :)) i now catch the train to work and the CS sits on the drive all week waiting to been mullered on a week end, so with more money to spend on it and less reason to worry about it as a DD...
  13. Alta Induction Kit

    MINI Parts For Sale
    Alta Induction Kit....REDUCED!!! Hi, This Alta Induction Kit was fitted to an 07 mcs for only 3 weeks and approx 700 miles. The only reason for its removal was that I p/ex'd the car for a GP. The kit has a black hose, black sponge and red metal shroud. It was bought from and fitted by Lohen...
  14. The MT Ultimate Exhaust Thread

    Engine & Drivetrain
    Exhaust - Stock Other Mods - Stock Exhaust - Borla Street Other Mods - 15% supercharger pulley reduction, Webb Motorsports Cold Air Intake Exhaust - Borla Race Other Mods - RMW head/header, flowmaster resonator, modified Borla Race, custom dual 3" exhaust Exhaust - Milltek...