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  1. MINI Chat
    Hi, is I have an aftermarket steering wheel and a sabelt aftermarket seat in my r56 I have bought some 3.9 ohm resistors. The don't suppose anyone can help me in how to install these with maybe some pictures on where to put the leads of the resistors into? I'm awful when it comes to electrics ...
  2. R53 General
    Hi all, New to car forums. I managed to purchase a 2002 1.6 cooper s. This only has 39800 miles on it. Omg. But It has the srs light on the dash. Had a look under the seats and previous owner has removed the connector blocks and hard wired. Apperently this is a common fault. Does anyone...
  3. Faults & Fixes
    Hello, can anyone help me... Ive just had diagnostic tests run on my 2001 Mini one and it has come up with Code 10 - firing circuit battery safety switch 2 and Code 5 - firing circuit safety airbag front left side Does anyone know how to resolve these problems without having to take it to...
  4. Faults & Fixes
    Has anyone here got this solved? Mine keeps coming on with the same fault every so often yet I've had the part checked - passenger side pretensioner. The light sometimes comes on after a bumpy road but other times completely at random. Some have said re-routing the wiring under the seats has...
1-4 of 81 Results