1. Is the 1320 Phone Number Still Valid?

    R53 General
    Hey Guys, Been hovering around the MT forum for quite a while in regards to mods and advice (and the heated cam threads :lol: ). Excited to get some real mods in soon. 1320 has been recommended but far away and I already tried Lohen a while back but they're even further. Been trying to call...
  2. Cam advice asap pls!

    R53 General
    Guys, I while ago I bought a used (but relatively new with abt 8k miles)1320 catcam from nickbmw off here. Ive finally gotten round to getting it fit but my mechanic says its risky using a used camshaft as the lobes would have bedded in with the previous engine. Is this something to worry...
  3. Cat Cam and 550cc injectors?

    R53 General
    Guys I need some advice please Ive got a: -15% pulley - milltek manifold with decat - jcw exhaust with res delete - Alta intake - Airtec - Kent fast road cam - jcw 380 injectors - jcw head And im making 241bhp on the dyno at around 7k revs….ill soon be installing a 1320 catcam and 550cc...
  4. 2002 R53 Mini Cooper S - British Racing Green

    MINI For Sale
    2002 R53 BMW Mini Cooper S - British Racing Green Details * R53 Mini Cooper S * Registered November 2002 (52 plate) * 97k mileage with Full Service History * 1600cc Supercharged engine * 6-speed manual getrag gearbox * Tax til March 2014 * MOT til June 2014 Specification * Full Cooper S...
  5. 1320 R56 JCW for sale - CHEAP

    R56 General
    Just come across this, sure I recognise it. I seem to think it was for sale recently on eBay, highly modified, totally stripped interior. 2007 Mini Cooper S with Full JCW KIT | Devon | Gumtree
  6. Wagner Pre-Facelift R56 FMIC - Testing/Review

    R56 Tried and Tested
    I was lucky enough to be sent Wagner Tuning's new FMIC for the Pre-Facelift R56 Cooper S. In agreement of receiving the FMIC, I organised a days testing at 1320 to see how this performed against the stock FMIC and how it performed with a Map on it. Here are some pics: Wagner FMIC (black)...
  7. All I wanted Were S Spokes & A Burger King.

    The Projects
    This project was meant to be different from my half arsed attempts in the past. The saxo's and the r5gtt's that went before it always ran out of money and were sold on before I had a chance to finish them. I've almost hit a wall with this one already but the mods will continue coming as long as...
  8. silver Oz ultraleggera new boxed

    MINI Parts For Sale
    1 off Brand New 7x17" OZ Ultraleggera Crystal Titanium Silver Alloy Wheel i would call it hyper silver if your not sure on colour et37 pcd 100, these new retail at around £200.00+ each, i am after £130.00 + 20.00 p&p for mainland uk or collect foc from banbury/1320 good to have as a...
  9. Ballsac Blue Curbcrawler Waffle Toilet

    The Projects
    Hi all thought might as well start project thread as got bit carried away buying things for the car. So bought the car about a month ago with below mods on it: 15% Alta reduced pulley and belt JCW catback Kw Variant 1 Jcw aero kit M7 Induction kit pics of the car when i got it...
  10. Hammer Time

    The Projects
    Well a few months ago i got bored since i couldn't get much more done to the JCW without it either looking silly or venturing into the unknown.... then i went to the seaside & bought a shell It started out life as a 52 plate Cooper but since then it's misplaced it's engine.... it also needed...
  11. Introducing Casper...

    The Projects
    Casper - Ghostly Waffle In March 2010 I bought Casper, a 2005 PW MINI Cooper S, with the idea of taking part in the UK Time Attack series. Casper in original form: First mod - Milltek Exhaust (now replaced): Alta v2 HAI (now replaced): The interior strip began: We took a trip to...
  12. Lex's Dark Silver R53 JCW

    The Projects
    Lex's Dark Silver R53 JCW - New Wheel Pics Page 6 Just realised that I've had my R53 JCW for a year now & haven't started a 'Project' thread yet as she's changed abit since I first bought her. I'll start off with pics of what it looked like at first and then some pics of her as she's been...
  13. advice lads

    R53 General
    i have nearly finished the focus rs and is prducing outstanding power. so thinking about going back to a mini so what are everyones thoughts on the gp is it and if so how much better than a normal cooper s when tuned. also anyone wanting a rs for a cooper s let me know.
  14. Project Rory *Picture heavy*

    The Projects
    Right, thought it was about time that I drafted a 'project' thread and I properly wanted to introduce myself and my MCS to those of you who I haven't met yet! I can't actually comprehend the amount of money I've spent in the last 21 months of ownership... so maybe this will thread will help...
  15. Time Attack 2010 - Rounds and Events

    Time Attack Discussion
    Time Attack Series - Official Forum • View topic - 2010 Time Attack Series Official Calendar
  16. Keanos Black II JCW

    MINI Photobooth
    Got my car 26th Dec 2006, here is when I picked up my car: Very happy with it and just spent most of the time cleaning it!!! Defo not in the too posh to wash club for the first couple of months as I got it up to scratch... :w00t: Later in the year had a go at a bit of detailing, was a...