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Thumper Performance



Thumper Performance, is a small shop that specializes on ONE thing. POWER and Performance, thru Cylinder Head Modification.

I offer and supply all that is needed for those gains. Products include: Nitrostick Valve Spring Kits and Camshafts, ALL the Gaskets needed, Racing Copper Head Gaskets, ARP Studs, as well as CUSTOM Built Heads for the 02-06 MINI's. (r50 /r52 /r53's) to your application and needs.

(TPR-1 / TPR-2/ TPR-2R/ TPR-3) NO ONE SIZE Fits all, style! 35 years of Performance Cylinder Head modifications, extensive Flow Bench time, and Building Performance engines has shown HOW to build the POWER in the ranges that you wish to operate your engine. Along with keeping the COST within most budgets! I allow Testimonies from my customers, NOT Salesmen, people just like you and I , to express their thoughts on Experience and Performance Gains. Proven POWER/ Proven Parts! Thumper Performance ..... the Other MINI Head! Power thru Experience!

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