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MINI Drag Racing

MINI Drag Racing (2)

So you’ve decided to join the MT hard-core and give drag racing a go, well first off, congratulations, you’ve broken the mental ‘OMG what if…’ barrier and now together we will ensure you’re prepared for what happens next and that you get the most out of your MINI on the day. But first off there are a few preparations that you might want to make, you don't have to, you can skip these, rock up in your MINI as is and have just as much fun doing it on the fly, but we think these very thorough steps are worth at least mentioning.

You might have noticed there are few things we like better on MiniTorque than power, handling, stance and a MINI that just looks right, where the little details can bring an owners design ideas to life. But most of all we like to see MINI owners getting out there and using their cars at various events held annually on MT. Recently you might have attended a local monthly meet, a dyno day or even broken your track day cherry on one of the excellent novice days that MSV run each month. But today, we’re here to talk about drag racing.