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1. 28. 2013   |  

Dale, of Challenge-R, has become something of a regular at MT's Midlands Breakfast Meets over the last few months.  So this month, when he confirmed his attendance, I dropped him a PM and asked him if he'd like to bring along a couple of his company's prototypes so we could tell you how the were looking from a real-world perspective.

'Yeah no problem Adam, I'll bring along the Challenge-R Carbon GP Wing, and I've got a little surprise for you too!'

'Great!' I thought to myself, looking forward to Sunday's Meet; Great Minis, New Members to Meet and some new exciting products to check out.  It was going to be a good day..

So, it's Sunday morning, and as seems to be a standard feature at Breakfast Meets, the sun is shining.  So I jump into the Mini and make my way over to Leamington, looking forward to my Breakfast.

As I pull onto the carpark, I can tell Dale is excited because the surprise is out of the Van before I'm out of the car:  The Challenge-R GP Front Bumper.

First Impressions?  Wow!  The GRP is smooth as silk and really sturdy.  It comes in 3 pieces, the bumper itself and the two brake vents, eliminating the need to purchase the expensive and, almost impossible to find, GP bottom Grille and surround.

'We're looking at two options for the grille, a metal grille similar to the M7 bottom grille, or the more expensive option of the Audi RS6 bottom grille that we think is a close fit.  We'll see!' explains Dale.

'It's not finished yet, but it's close, and then we'll start work on the R56 version!'

Impressive work. I've always been a bit wary of GRP body kits, they're usually flimsy ass, but you can tell some real workmanship has gone into this bumper.

So what else has Dale bought for me to check out?

The Challenge-R Carbon Wing.  With a slick and flawless resin finish, I'm convined Dale's had it made by Mini themselves.

First impressions?  My god, it's good.  I mean, 'looks F1 quality' good.

'This should fit our existing Challenge-R Wing side mounts, and those produced by other companies, so it will save the guys that already own the spoiler, having to buy the whole thing again.'

Great News, I'm sure you'll agree!  A couple of 'Hen's Teeth' Mini parts are about to become a lot easier to get hold of, thanks to Challenge-R.

To visit Challenge-R on MT click here

To visit Challenge-R on the internet click here

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