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Brakes: FAQ

10. 17. 2013   |  

Buying New Brakes:

 Speak to the different companies, tell them your requirements; such as your power, goals, and how you intend to use the car.  You will find each company and tuner offers a number of options and applications and they will usually recommend the correct choice for your needs, you will only suffer if you decided to be silly and run full race callipers on the road with no dust seals or if you try and compete in Time Attack with the in correct brakes.

You may have browsed their website for some new performance parts or even seen them at the track competing in Britcar or the MINI Challenge series.  If you’ve been to one of the recent Dyno Days organised by MT you may even of had the pleasure of visiting their impressive new state-of-the -art facility – but what you may not know about Lohen is what makes them tick, what drives them to succeed?   So, as part of MiniTorque’s sponsor focus series, we paid them a visit to find out first-hand what they’re all about.

Time Attack 2012 - Brands Hatch finds 3 of MiniTorque's finest cars out on track battling it out in what can only be described as a wet and slippery day.

The Power Range 2.0 (story coming soon), Richard O'Dwyers 1320 Turbo Conversion and Lee Proctor's RMW Rotrex all take to a very, very wet track!

At some point most of us on MT would have been on the receiving end of abuse (notably from LordF) for not having coilovers. All the “wheelgap” banter has caused a stir on many an occasion and even caused some to exit shortly after they arrived.


For those that have thicker skin and have decided to stick around may also find themselves confused by what it all means. Whacking a set of coils on will obviously eradicate the infamous gap stock minis suffer from, but for those of us who still want to enjoy and enhance one of the best attributes of the Mini, that is its handling, a more holistic approach should be taken.


I am by no means a suspension guru and have learnt what is written here as I am going along. Most members I have spoken to just want a car that works well on the road and this is who this guide is primarily aimed at. I have tried to be as balanced as possible in writing this article and hope it can help many more enjoy their Minis in style!

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