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Hyper Blue
Formerly Lady Driven. I was waiting to order new Camaro SS, I worked at the dealer as kid.One day went for a ride in an RMW Powered Unit set up for track. Purchased Mini fall 09 Bone Stock. , Went for ride on track in Buddy's Unit. Must be bad driver because I twisted my clutch loose in weeks. Gear box coming out means a rebuild. That started the gears of fait turning for a Flat Out to the Floor Boards Cruising Mini. Me, Transport / Big Lorry Driver, I back up more miles than most people drive forwards! Formerly Lady Driven. Lol.
2005 Mini R53 (Hyper Blue)


RMW Remote Tune, Header, 550 injectors, flywheel , clutch , LSD

Screamin Deamon Ignition coil
NGK wires & plugs and/or Bosch
Forge tanks
M7 strut brace, CAI, s/c pulley, catch can
DEI insulation on header, power steering lines,and any wires around RMW header
Borla cat back
Flow Master Hi flow cat
Craven Speed Flex pods, brake handle, short shifter &cover &knob all in red
Auto meter oil/pr. & boost. Pencil shift light.
PLX dm 100 with wideband installed & PLX wi-fi
JVC kd-avx77 CD/radio
Citizen Band Radio,...R/D... Quick set up with stubby mad mount. Highway touring Ready
Trim black here and there, some to cover fiberglass patches for old seat belts after homemade rear seat delete
Sparco R700 Milano prestige in beige with bases and some welding
Arm rest. Truck driver thing.
Stubby antenna some days
M7 silver grills all around and front splitter
PIAA yellow fogs
Rear fog lamp Red
Trim black mirror caps
Window tint
Rear wiper gone, silver bullet delete
Trunk lip Crome
Custom badge and tags
Lots of little dents bumps scratches for now
Car scales (certifiied scale) in at 1290 kilos or 2843 lbs with fuel and Me in the seat. Did both axles and 4 corners.
10 860 kms in 7 days 16 hrs with time off for bad behavior in Vegas!!

From highway to the track passenger hopped out, overnight bags and tool box in car. Bad reaction time. = 15.32, 91.49mph. Napierville Raceway. Back on the road.
Koni shocks
Hotchkis springs, rear sway and lower arms
P/M did all new joints front end some poly bushings
Car had brand new brakes at purchase don't use them much
Wheel and Tire
Been through a couple. Yokahama Falken Konig but it seems I don't get pulled over by the law when running stock rims! They hear it but then must think, No cant B.



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