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  • Shaddow ·
    Hey buddy, im planning on buying your old Meister coilovers off Jason, he said they will go straight on my R56 S, do I need anything else like gromets or shorter drop links?

    DanFST ·
    i'm going to get it in a minute, if they charge me i'm going to be fuming.
    i went in to check as they hadn't phoned me, as i went to the dvla to tax it. 2 hours after i dropped it off they still couldn't work out the problem. i told them just to change/check the tensioner that was it. I really dont know what to do.

    is it really droney? i can imagine it sounds mint tho, seriously need a loud peddle on mine!
    DanFST ·
    i've told landspeed to change it, and i'm really not happy. it looked like it was a < 1 hour job,

    i didn't hear it, but i would like to! you can never get too loud!! how do you keep your car clean all the time!
    DanFST ·
    thanks for that, i'll give it a try tommorow! i really hope it is that. i owe you a beer for your help.

    i was in the miss' grey 04 mcs, going straight at the lights from sainsbury's over bramford road, towards the double roundabout. you were going right i think, at about 10 at night!

    car back and running now?
    DanFST ·
    hello dave,

    YouTube - Mini Cooper S 05 timing chain tensioner easy fix

    sound familiar?? you don't happen to have a part number or rough cost of a replacement tensioner do you?

    also i read about your r56 being bodged by changing a sump gasket!? what happened? i swear i saw you on friday night car looked like it was running fine!

    sorry to pester you for help,
    omelio jones ·
    ello mate have u still got that rear s bumper ? been after one for ages
    outlaw racing ·
    hey there just found this post and have u still got this dark silver rear bumper for sale? as im need of 1 asap! for a cooper s....
    King James ·
    whaattttt the new Z4 is so nice... i was at cooper ipswich today at about 3ish to drop some oil off (as they wanted to charge me £120 for 5l) and saw a black z4 that looked sooo nice! car should be sorted by wed/thurs time hopefully, havent driven it properly for over a month! I was worried that they woldnt be able to get it on the ramp as i lowered it a bit more before it went wrong.

    Sooo whats the verdict on the Z4?
    King James ·
    i might take the back seats out just so i dont have to explain my car is to low to carry more that 2 people, people dont understand, then when i go into the offset of my wheels they have stopped listening and already climbed in lol

    i always wonder how much my car looks like its bouncing around when i go flying over a bump (which the a12 has plenty of)

    wow lucky mini, i had a company car for 3 months a while back it was really nice to do the everyday journey in something mundane and to come back home and go out for a blast! Where abouts do you work?
    King James ·
    yeah im working out of Colchester for a few months so i will be on the a12 daily unfortunately! which way were you heading?

    i think the only time i have seen your car in ipswich was a couple of years ago at cardinal park, which is crazy considering ipswich is so small!

    planning new wheels and lower profile tyres hopefully before MITP for more low lol
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