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  • frickinben ·
    Cheers Steve, its my disc that is damaged too. Got diazapam, tramadol and some muscle relaxants that are doing the trick and a bottle of liquid morphine for when it gets really bad and tried taking some just before bed last night and got the best nights sleep I've had in ages so good tip there mate.

    Glad you both enjoyed MITP.

    Hey Mike, its on my to-do list for today, will get it all updated mate.
    scth2001 ·
    Hi Ben,
    I found that the best pain relief for my back, was a combination of a low dose of Amitriptyline and Diclofenic.
    I damaged my disc's plaing rugby and had to have an operation.
    You have to take the medication in the evening late afternoon, it allow's you to get a good night's sleep and breaks the pain cycle.
    my wife and I, had a great day at MITP, thanks.
    Thumper460 ·
    Hey Ben... whats up??

    Is there a way to get the update on the HP / torque sheet.. seems some of my heads are better numbers than posted!! LOL.. just gotta keep chipping


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