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  • George Talbot ·
    lol, I have new wheels that make it look better, the new tyres going on in a few weeks will end the spring look.

    You coming along to Ace Cafe this Thursday?
    keano ·
    Sorry dude, been having trouble with my email so wasnt sure if it sent - some are going, some arent, some are taking a couple of days to get through FFS... its damn ammoying ! cheers.
    Junky ·
    Good morning Mr Batou..
    Just read your Bilsteinn blog..
    Question for you if you please..
    I see that you half slated the eibach springs and stock shocks set up,but,is that set up 'better' over
    'stock' springs n shocks.. The reason I ask is that I may be goin to'The Ring' but thing is I've done the whole lowering lower than a snake's belly in previous cars and the ride is shit hard,handling,beautiful,but the ride is just too hard for my ageing ass and I'm looking for something that not only looks good in stance but is also still a fairly 'comfortable' ride,bearing in mind I'm used to an e39 M5 that I got rid of before my 'beautiful' R53...
    Cheers man,ur opinion will be greatly appreciated..
    t16msy ·
    hi batou could you please post in the 'Mini Torque Community Map' thread with your Village/Town/City as i cant select county's like berkshire etc on the map

    much appreciated fella
    Tokesuk ·
    Not that desperate mate. Basically it has a small 2" crack on the corner otherwise I could have got the minor scratches done by one of those mobile chaps.
    If the Mini Torque sticker suits i may consider a cover up job until one comes along
    I'm sorry to hear about how yours happened. People are not so honest anymore.
    Get this, My wife drove into mine when moving cars around off our drive. You should of seen the side of her Audi. In fact you should of seen my face!!:mad:
    £800 cash to get the Audi sorted which was painful.
    Anyway keep in touch and we'll see what happens.
    You're in Maidenhead aren't you?
    Tokesuk ·
    No worries. I need a rear one and have been on at Mini Matt for about 3 months now with now joy. If you don't go ahead let me know pls fella.
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