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  • mullenmini ·
    Hey mate remember seeing you had some facelift rear lights for sale a while back, are they still available? If so how much?
    PM box is full dude
    gn240z ·
    did you ever find out why the tail lights might stay on in a mini?
    Si-87 ·
    Got your pm about the Milltek mate but your inbox is full so I emailed you instead - Let me know what you think :)
    jackthelad ·
    hey man just wondering if you got my pm about tail lights, it said you have exceeded you inbox space or somthing lol let me know mate

    cheers jack
    pidge ·
    Alski, apologies but I cannot reply to pm's. Got yours. Was p/ex ing car for R56 JCW and mine had to be back to std, but deal fell through. Now have car up for sale but still interested in taking parts off - do you need d/c as well? Would really need the asking price for both together. Based Newcastle but can meet/send whatever.
    Nazrin ·

    Saw the post regarding the RMW shorty header? Is it already sold? If not, how much is the offer? Im on the brink for getting it from Jan..but If your offer still stands, then might as well get it from you..
    Nazrin ·
    Hi Alski,

    Paul Newman referred you to me cos I posed a question about the RMW shorty headers to him. He told me that you were the one to talk to as you've excessively tested it, am I correct?

    I plan to get a Thumper TPR-2 BV head with the RMW shorty headers...can you give your expert opinion regarding the headers? Thanks
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