“Pioneers” Meet Up for End the of USA MINI E Trial
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Thread: “Pioneers” Meet Up for End the of USA MINI E Trial

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    “Pioneers” Meet Up for End the of USA MINI E Trial

    We found this Green Car Reports story about a particularly enthusiastic group of MINI drivers who got together recently. They gathered at Nauna’s Bella Casa Restaurant in Montclair, NJ to celebrate the end of the MINI E trials before the time came to hand in their electric MINIs. Tom Moloughney, owner of Nauna’s Bella Casa and MINI E alum, hosted the event after clocking more than 65,000 miles in a MINI E of his own. The sentiment among attendees was a bittersweet mix of sadness in having to hand back George Jetson’s MINI, and excitement that even better electric cars are in the works from BMW.

    MINI E pioneers – the name that BMW have given to the few hundred of us who leased MINI Es – are both sad and happy. It’s sad to see the end of the program that delivered us one of the most fun-to-drive cars we’ve ever used, but we’re happy that its replacement will be here soon.
    That replacement is BMW’s upcoming ActiveE, the all-electric BMW 1-series. With key learnings from the MINI E program, the ActiveE will be an even more refined electric vehicle from BMW Group. The only question for the MINI E Pioneers at this point is, where do they sign up?

    Head on over to Green Car Reports for the full story.


    Courtesy of MotoringFile.com

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