R50 Electrical faults, thoughts please
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Thread: R50 Electrical faults, thoughts please

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    R50 Electrical faults, thoughts please


    So my new project seems to have lots of strange electrical faults, Lots of things work fine but the following don't,

    The indicators light in the speedo, (although the indicators on the outside are working fine)
    The high beam warning light in the speedo (again the high beam itself is fine)
    The Click relay for the Indicators
    The climate control panel is totally dead.
    Speedo and Rev gauge illumination
    The radio says Disabled on the screen

    I can trigger all the speedo lights and functions from my test unit and they all work, and given that the lights on the outside of the car are working I thought it might be the body control module. I have removed it this morning and although the wires are wet by the carpet the unit itself is fine and there is no sign of corrosion on the terminals. I have checked the fuses and they are all fine and I have had the fuse box out to check the connectors on the back and they are all fine as well. the old owner said these issues started after the battery was swapped so I'm wondering if that's caused something if they did it with the keys in or something ( i know this can be an issue with Honda's as the ECU wakes up when the key is in) everything else that seems to go through the BCM is working fine like the windows and the locking.

    I'm going to try and test the output of the BCM with a scope tomorrow as I know I can't just swap the unit and try another one, but I was wondering has anyone else come across an issue like this?



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    Water runs down the wires from the a pillars and into the bcu, check the drain holes in the gutter at the top of the a pillar, remove the a pillar covers and the foam under the plastic trim cover will be gunked up with goo.

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    Woo hooo, Well i have ive fixed it all ! got a scope on the can bus network and found it was shorted to battery live at 12v ! after unplugging all the modules and it still being at 12v found that the Ipod connection on the back of the radio was causing the short, taken that ou tof the loom and plugged everything back in and it all works !!! so just an MOT next saturday and i should finally be able to have a play !!!

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