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Domo: Episode IV - A New "Torquey" Hope

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....


In a not so secret Empire stronghold in St. Neots Domo arrived at 10am for its transition.... Greeted by Thomas "Vader" Barnes of 1320mini, this guy is man and machine.... fueled only on a single Galaxy bar and the force of the dark side, this perfectionist Jedi tuner of the Sith was about to use all the hate and suffering Domo has endured under my right foot to turn him to the Dark side that is known as Mynes...

The menu on the day was as follows:

# Base dyno run
# Fit Newman camshaft
# Fit Powerflex Lower engine mount void plug & bush
# Pre-tune dyno run
# Tune & Dyno runs
# Test drive

The Torque is Strong with this one...

So first off we wanted to do a couple of base runs to get an idea of how the cars running and what power it puts down as is so by the end of the day we'll have a nice before and after comparison.

192.9 wheel horse power (whp) and 167.1 wheel torque (wtq), for the current state of mods (see previous blogs) this was a great result. Torque was already very good showing the OBX 4-2-1 header must be helping here?

"Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed. The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force..."

So pretty happy with the results of my bolt on mods it was onto the next phase..

Tear this ship apart until you find those plans! And bring me all passengers, I want them ALIVE!

So it was time to fit the new cam, Tom had kindly found me a used Newman camshaft that wasn't too pricey and in good condition so off came the old one and I had a nosey at the oily bits... all looks good.

We also did the lower engine mount bush and void plug at this point to prevent the rocking that was previously stressing the manifold, very quick job to do and Tom made short work of that.

These aren't the gains we're looking for.

So next up is a pre-tune run, this was a great idea. It will give us invaluable information on what a car with a Newman Camshaft and 380cc's will gain without tuning... this is offered by tuners of the weak Rebel Alliance known as Costal Racing. We've always been suspect of these gains, considering no care is taken to check how the car is fuelling after a cam is fitted with these injectors.

Here is the run...

This is not much of a gain and it had lost some low end torque but gained midrange, quite clearly this cam has potential but needs a tune to make the most of it. I look forward to what Tom "Lord of the Mynes" Vader can do with the dark force that is channeled through his laptop. I ask him a few questions about whether he can sort out the way it drives and with total confidence, he looks up and quietly says "Just wait till the test drive". He quite clearly knows what can be done, I'm pretty sure he was really saying "I find your lack of faith disturbing." and was a few steps from force choking me...

I believe it was Costal that said 1320Mini can't tune cars... talk about throwing down the gauntlet if there was ever a time to prove them wrong this was it...

Don't underestimate the Force.

So Tom starts tuning the idle values, he shows me the software on his laptop and explains how he's doing it. It plots a graph of the cars idle speed against where it should be after he's finished the difference is great both visually and audibly. He doesn't give up until the car is burbling and popping away perfectly. Should have really done a before and after for comparison but this is after...

Then he goes about tweaking all the options in the Mynes software one by one to change the way the car will drive. Tom points out the AFR (Air fuel ratio) on our initial run and points out where the car is rich and lean and overlays a map showing where he would like it to be.

Few tweaks on the laptop and another run, 203whp 170wtq. Nice. Fueling looks better but that's just the start, he up's the rev limit to what most cars run which is 7,400rpm and makes more adjustments to the fueling, giving it a very rich setting above 7,000rpm. This is simply to test the water on what the 380cc JCW injectors will cope with.

214whp / 177wtq!! Now the best figure for a stock head in 1320Minis database is 214whp which was running 550cc injectors. Wow....

"A tremor in the Force. The last time I felt it was in the presence of my old master..."

Tom Vader senses a disturbance in the force, it seems Domo's medoclorian count is running low.... in all seriousness with the 7,400rpm rev limit we are asking way too much from the injectors on this particular car. The way Tom put it is "This car likes its fuel". He brings up some of the Mynes data logging software which is available to the general public soon for the sum of 350 including all the connection kit etc.

This screen is what I would expect from an F1 engineers telemetry screen, there is a huge vast reserve of information that is logged but we are interested in the injector pulse. My attention is drawn to a turquoise line which above 7000rpm starts to increase sharply upwards. At 7,400rpm the injectors are at 124-127% duty cycle, below this they are at 91% which is still very high. They are really pushed to the limit in this car, with the setting Tom dialed in if the injectors had the headroom the AFR reading should be much richer.

Tom takes the limit back to 7,049rpm and tweaks the fueling again and again, the next few runs produce numbers around 203/205/206/208whp... it takes quite some time to tune these injectors it seems. The 550cc's are much easier to fine tune apparently as on these 380cc's even the slightest adjustment can throw things way off where we want it to be.

It's not a case of want, it's NEED

Okay, so Tom is determined to get this car running as good as possible, he shows great understanding of my situation as although I know the car needs bigger injectors the bank account says otherwise. Unfortunately they will have to wait. We finally get the best out of the car and its making very consistent torque over 170wtq on every run and around 208-210whp. The final tune is dialled in and the run gives the best of the day with the modest rev limit. 210whp / 176wtq.... GET IN!!!

Here is the final run in graph form:

The torque is fantastic and Tom is confident with 550's not only will this car make even more impressive figures it won't be pushed, running duty cycles of 90% on my injectors for prolonged periods is not the best solution for me as engine safety is very high on my priority list. I would prefer that they have a little more head room available if they ever need it.

Over to the dark side...

Here's the difference between what you get from 380cc injectors and a Newman cam (CostalRacing) and what you get from 1320mini with a Mynes tune... what was that about not being able to tune? Heres the obligatory two fingered salute in graph form:

Dotted line - Run with Newman cam
Solid line - Final run with Newman cam and Mynes tune

Here is the graph showing how I came in (dotted line) and how I left (solid line):

The graphs indicates that my last modification, the OBX 4-2-1 manifold has been a great addition to the car, paired with the midrange boost from the Newman cam the torque is now available from such low down rpm's. But, most importantly its only with the Mynes tuning that both of these modifications are fully utilised.

So, with bigger injectors I'm hopeful we can do something about the drop off in torque further up the rev range as the car is still making good power right up to the red line with no obvious drop off but we will have to see.... we are forgetting this car is still running with a standard r53 head...

So we go for a test drive to check the car is running well and unfortunately the rain had made a rotten mess of the roads so Tom kindly demonstrated how well the car delivers the power in the wet... if you give it full beans it just rips through the tyres in the first couple of gears but with smoothness of the tune means the throttle is far more progressive and can much easier be transferred to the ground. After commenting on my "rude" exhaust note Tom vacates the drivers seat and I finally get a taste of the new tuning. Wow... i drive literally a yard and I can tell the difference. No more choppy throttle, no jerking on launch and wow its progressive. So much torque, ripping through the gears and still pulling despite my weakish short shifting. I love it!

A follow up after fitting 550's can be found here: Bosch 550cc Injectors Fitted

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    Roll on 550cc's... I will detail the full driveablity of the car in the next blog after fitting these. It really is that good it deserves a whole new page, I almost feel like I'm driving a 2011 JCW with a supercharger... it's so, so smooth!

    The difference is night and day, if your thinking about a mynes tune your wasting your time... wasting you time not having it done that is!!!! Seriously, best money spent so far!
    Updated 19/09/10 at 17:50 by batou
  2. Pistonhead's Avatar
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    Love your blogs matey, always make me feel like I was there!