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Domo: Episode III - Revenge of the Torque

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by , 13/09/10 at 16:32 (1229 Views)
By this point, Tunnelrun had been and gone and MiniTorque had fully evolved ready to show everyone what we can really do without the confines and boundaries of over-moderation and ignorance.

The is a line in one of my favorite manga's (Ghost in the shell, which is where I got the name batou from) which quite nicely sums up my feelings of other mini forums available at the time....

"There are countless ingredients that make up the human body and mind, like all the components that make up me as an individual with my own personality. Sure I have a face and voice to distinguish myself from others, but my thoughts and memories are unique only to me, and I carry a sense of my own destiny. Each of those things are just a small part of it. I collect information to use in my own way. All of that blends to create a mixture that forms me and gives rise to my conscience. I feel confined, only free to expand myself within boundaries.

With MiniTorque those boundaries were gone, all of the information that was once out of reach to many and hidden away behind faceless companies and bullshit marketing is now widely available to the masses thanks to many pioneers such as Ben and Dave (known as BigShow and Jove).

The motto of Proof or STFU is now a widely used phrase, waffle was plentiful until it angered the hamster and wheelgap is a crime to humanity... erm yea about that....

2010 - The End of Wheel-gap is Nigh...

I decided the get rid of my S-spokes for something light but due to limited funds they have to be a temporary el' cheapo solution so AlexMCS and his ex-cooper challenge R81's to the rescue....

After having enough wheel-gap to rival even Daves gaping hole (sorry couldn't resist!) the choice was simple either it's lowered or killed with fire!

I needed to sort it so springs were the order of the day, best I could afford was some second hand Eibach's...

Still, I'm happy with the results...

Here is my review of the change:

Again, fantastic service from 1320Mini. Scott and Tom doing them proud as usual.

After realising my epic fail of having previously suffered from wheelgap syndrome I am now fully enlisted in the war against wheel gap... so is Domo....

The wheels were fitted with a budget tyre to keep cost low, however, I was really suprised. See here:

Okay, I give in... its too quiet

After the flex gave way on my stock manifold I decided to go for another manifold, this time an OBX in 4-2-1 flavour.

The exhaust note is much nearer what I wanted from the car, much more so than the Janspeed. Here are some vids:

Standing rev: I love the rasp... I gave it a varying range of loud pedal, when you blip it gently its just a deep tone and a few trailing pops but full beans = rasp

Inside with windows up: Short 1st to the top of 2nd and into 3rd... God I love the uprated clutch & flywheel for fast changes (that "slap slap" is the accellerator pedal on/off haha)... Nom.

Windows down: Again, short blips... they aren't easy to do

After that a few long overdue mods have been done such as de-tango, de-badge and a stubby "sharon" aerial.

Future Plans

Funds are low low low, so very future plans!

#Newman Cam
#Mynes remap
#Some 15x7's or 16x7.5's
#KW V3 / Meister R / ???
#R56/R53JCW Brakes
#Strut Braces &19-20mm Adjustable ARB
#Locking Diff

Next visit to 1320 is booked for 14/09/2010 for some plans to become reality....

Updated 19/09/10 at 15:22 by batou

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  1. NoShow's Avatar
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    Ha ha ha, excellent blog mate and a perfect example of why we needed a blog offering on the site... love it!
  2. batou's Avatar
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    Thanks dude, we do need one of you guys to write the story of MiniTorque at some point though. A lot of newbies have no idea how, or why we started the site and it may cause people to lose track of why we are such a bunch of animals on here!

    We have quite a colourful past and background, would be good to publish of much of it as we can get away with haha
  3. Jove's Avatar
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    Such a great blog! I hope you have more to come
  4. ALEX_MCS's Avatar
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    Good blog mate, nice to see how your car's come along over time
  5. tcbw's Avatar
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    Fantastic blog. I'm going to find some 15's and fit them to my DS in your honour; maybe they'll take me all the way to 1320. Surely, it can't be that far from Harwich?