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  1. R53 Bilstein B14 PSS Coilover First Impressions/Review Part 1

    by , 28/01/11 at 09:38

    The weather has been wet, cold and wet which is why I haven't really sorted a write up and until I can give this setup some beans in the dry I can only give me initial impressions in this part of the write up.

    Bear in mind this is my first set of coils so there will be some element of placebo here so a pinch of salt is required...

    What a wait!
    Having ...
  2. Domo: Episode IV - A New "Torquey" Hope

    by , 19/09/10 at 15:10
    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....


    In a not so secret Empire stronghold in St. Neots Domo arrived at 10am for its transition.... Greeted by Thomas "Vader" Barnes of 1320mini, this guy is man and machine.... fueled only on a single Galaxy bar and the force of the dark side, this perfectionist Jedi tuner of the Sith was about to ...

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  3. Domo: Episode III - Revenge of the Torque

    by , 13/09/10 at 16:32
    By this point, Tunnelrun had been and gone and MiniTorque had fully evolved ready to show everyone what we can really do without the confines and boundaries of over-moderation and ignorance.

    The is a line in one of my favorite manga's (Ghost in the shell, which is where I got the name batou from) which quite nicely sums up my feelings of other mini forums available at the time....

    "There are countless ingredients that make up the human body and mind, like all the ...

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  4. Domo: Episode II - Attack of the Mini2 Drones

    by , 13/09/10 at 16:25
    Around this time Mini2 was becoming more and more tiresome, with posts being deleted, Roland of GTT fame talking more and more BS day after day and generally things getting very heated.

    MT was close on the horizon and the increasing sea of frustrated users were growing ever closer to the Torque side...

    #Bypass valve FAIL

    Usually, getting in the car and going for a spirited drive usually involves firstly turning off the poor traction control... After ...

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  5. Domo: Episode I - The Mini2 Menance

    by , 13/09/10 at 16:22
    Back in the day before MT existed (we all existed, we just had nowhere to play) I bought Domo with around 20k on the clock. Nicely run in, Domo was ready... the plan was to make JCW's breakfast fodder, EP3's lunch and 330i's dinner!

    Stock - Complete with...
    #2 Spoke "Barge" Steering Wheel
    #"Beer ...

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