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  1. The Hobo Express - Now with less hobo and more turbo

    by , 01/08/18 at 08:37
  2. The Birth of My JCW

    by , 30/01/13 at 23:06
    My 2nd Blog Post

    Me ordering my JCW

    The Birth Of My JCW | JCW Adventures
  3. Headlight rings

    by , 12/01/13 at 23:06
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    Want to spray headlight rings black, but the paint will easily rub off on the chrome underneath, how do i get it where it will last??
  4. R53 Cooper S Coilovers

    by , 12/01/13 at 22:57
    I wanna upgrade my suspension as currently i have Eibach spring on standard shocks, i now want coilover but dont know a good set at a reasonable price??
  5. Si's BRG 'S'

    by , 21/12/12 at 15:18
    Quote Originally Posted by brownpants View Post
    Lol!!! Are you going to do your rings too lol
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